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Site Manager

Paninnguaq Fleischer-Lyberth 

Tel: +299 867304 


Located: Kangerlussuaq, Greenland

Paninnguaq Fleischer-Lyberth is the versatile Site Manager in Aasivissuit – Nipisat 

As a journalist and administrative economist I have the know-how to research and acquire new knowledge that helps finding solutions to challenges that may arise. 

One day I am a coordinator and the next I am a contractor, so the work requires you to be a bit of an octopus in everyday life. Luckily, that is what I am good at. 

Privately, she is a mother of three, and loves to use nature as a food pantry and loves to play amateur archaeologist – the last one is a work injury.

The site manager’s duties

  • Implementation and monitoring of the management plan (contribute to adjustment, implementation, annual evaluation and possible amendments in relation to the day-to-day management).
  • Fundraising for the financing of projects (obtain funds for various initiatives, draw up budgets, accounts and reports).
  • Steering of – or contact with – projects undertaken within the area.
  • Contact to the local population, including holding of public meetings.
  • Involvement of interested groups and stakeholders, including the setting up of ad hoc working groups.
  • Information and communication about the World Heritage nomination.
  • Monitoring, contingency and reporting with respect to developments in the nominated World Heritage Site.
  • Obtaining licences etc. in connection with the realisation of projects.
  • Member of working group(s).
  • Financial management.
  • Undertaking official visits in relation to the nominated World Heritage Site (presentations, meetings and guided tours, possibly in cooperation with park rangers).
  • Secretary for the steering committee.
  • Collaboration with the site managers in other World Heritage Sites

Park Ranger


Christian Pihlblad Jerimiassen 

Tel: +299 229991 


Located: Kangerlussuaq, Greenland 

Christian P. Jerimiassen about his job as a Park Ranger 

I was born in Southern Greenland where my parents used to be sheep farmers, making me enjoy spending time in nature. For several years I’ve had my one-man company where I’ve gained experience as a tourism operator. 

We have to manage the landscape and nature in our daily work as we administrate, monitor and report adverse events in the World Heritage Site, that includes keeping an eye on trails throughout the area so they don’t collaps from an excessive presence of tourists.


Tasks for park rangers

  • Monitor nature and heritage values in the area.
  • Monitor developmental tendencies in the area.
  • Advise and inform users and visitors.
  • Help the site manager with various tasks of a more administrative character in winter.
  • Check, report and react to breaches of the law as a risk contingency.
  • Tidying up and handling trash in the area.

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