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Websites is your access to the exciting knowledge about the nature in Greenland. You are also guided through fun activities and experiences in nature. It has a lexicon on animals and plants in Greenland. Notice that the website is only in Greenlandic and Danish.


Watch a video to learn about the culture in Greenland today and in the past.

Playlist with 12 videos about Aasivissuit Nipisat on youtube


Sarfannguit by Kalaallit Nunaata Radioa (Greenland National Radio)

Part 1: Sarfannguit (1:3) KNR 01.06.2021 | KNR

Part 2: Sarfannguit (2:3) KNR 08.06.2021 | KNR

Part 3: Sarfannguit (3:3) KNR 15.06.2021 | KNR


Saqqarliit by Kalaallit Nunaata Radioa (Greenland National Radio)

Part 1: Saqqarliit (1:3) KNR 03.11.2020 | KNR

Part 2: Saqqarliit (2:3) KNR 10.11.2020 | KNR

Part 3: Saqqarliit (3:3) KNR 17.11.2020 | KNR


Angutinnguaq Olsen presents his Masters thesis from Ilisimatusarfik

He has researched the hunting culture at Nassuttooq, a caribou hunting ground that for centuries have been popular among hunters.


GRAPHIC NOVELS | andalaworld | Art | Andala & Co | Copenhagen | Storyt

To learn more about the everyday practices in different time periods in a landscape such as Aasivissuit – Nipisat we recommend to read the graphic novels by Nuka Godtfredsen, who in collaboration with Denmarks National Museum has illustrated past beliefs and practices through fictional stories. 


Maria Kreutzmann | Greenland (

If you want to explore the mythological creatures of the Greenlandic landscape we recommend ‘Bestiarium Groenlandica’ by Maria Kreutzmann. She hunts greenlandic mythological creatures, and has co-authored/illustrated guides with characteristics and stories about some of these remarkably scary beings. 


Plants of Greenland | Field Guides ( 

For an overview of plants in Greenland in general you can check out this guide of almost 1900 plants that has pictures and nametags. 


Greenland plants for body and soul | Atuagkat Boghandel Aps. – Leading bookstore in Greenland

Many plants and herbs in Greenland are delicious as tea or in cooking and a lot of them have soothing or preventive effect on your health. Kirsten Jespersen’s writings have been edited and added to by Lisse Olsen, and published to serve as a guide while in the mountains. It instructs on how to use plants and herbs in various ways, if it’s raw, boiled, dried or pickled.


Takanna – delicious food from Greenland | Tupaarnaq Rosing Olsen

In Greenlandic ‘Takanna’ can be translated into “Enjoy your meal” and that is exactly what this beautifully illustrated cookbook inspire its reader to do. Description and use of the most common Greenlandic animals and plants help you to have a taste of the Greenlandic nature.


There are also a couple of podcasts we can recommend for the ones more inclined towards this media.


Nunap Timaa Tumisiorfingalungu

Only in Greenlandic. Angutinnguaq Olsen has made Nunap Timaa Tumisiorfingalungu (Finding footprints in the landscape) in which he explains the different archaeological remains in the landscape and hunting stories related to these in the general area of Aasivissuit – Nipisat. 


Finding Home

Only in English. Paninnguaq Boassen created Finding Home as part of her masters thesis that introduces the settlement Sarfannguit located within Aasivissuit – Nipisat. By contemplating on finding a home in Sarfannguit she tells the history of the past and present culture surrounding the placement of a home. 


World Heritage Sites in Greenland 

Greenland has three UNESCO World Heritage Sites, Kangia in Ilulissat, Kujataa in South Greenland and Aasivissuit – Nipisat in the middle of the west coast. All three have distinct outstanding values and together materialize the rich history of Greenland – The biggest island on Earth, on which people learn to live sustainably with nature. 

Read more about the outstanding beauty of Kangia: WELCOME TO ILULISSAT ICEFJORD ( 

And learn more about “The Story of the Ice” at the Icefjord Centre: ILULISSAT ICEFJORD CENTRE – THE ICEFJORD CENTRE ( 

Explore a cultural landscape shaped by past Norse farming and modern Greenlandic farming: Home ( 

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Main keyside Aasivissuit from above. Aasivissuit - Nipisat World Heritage is a huge hunting area.

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